Business & Career Coaching

turn your livelihood into a mark of leadership

You’re an entrepreneur or creative professional with a message and a mission. We work to excavate your heartfelt vision, refine your brand message, develop your marketing strategy, and establish authentic leadership in your industry.

  • Leadership

  • Message

  • Strategy

  • Impact

Passion Project Coaching

Dare to claim the creative treasures within

You’re a visionary or an artist with a soul calling to express something meaningful in the world. We partner to unearth your inner creative calling, bring it forth with rock-steady commitment, and turn your masterpiece into your mark of leadership.

  • Originality

  • Structure

  • Purpose

  • Action

Lifestyle Design Coaching

become the empowered creator of your life

You’re an ambitious, creative, conscious being seeking more alignment with who you really are. Learn practical leadership skills to empower an intentional life built on loving relationships, work-life balance, wellness, vibrancy and fulfillment.

  • Vision

  • Priorities

  • Lifestyle architecture

  • Accountability



Fearless Leadership Training

authentic leadership from the inside out

Fearless Leadership is an innovative training program for women to find their most authentic leadership voice and presence in life and at work. We use experiential learning techniques to expose shadows of self-doubt, anchor in personal courage, and move toward a compelling vision with confidence and grace. 

  • Self Knowledge

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Synergy

Consulting: Brand Message & Voice

Your Thought Leadership Starts with Your Story

You’re a coach, teacher or healer with a message that can help change the world. What’s missing? The right words and platform to turn your vision into a business that sustains your work and creates purposeful impact. Focus on what you do best - making a meaningful difference in people's lives - and I'll do the rest. 

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Voice

  • Growth