Phoenix Heart: A New Leadership Program for Women Rising from the Ashes


Turn the Fire of Devastation into Your Transformation

On the eve of my 30th birthday, I thought I had it all: the all-American husband, living in one of the world’s most desirable cities, running my own business, and surrounded by cool friends. My future was all lined up: or so I thought.

first the destruction, then the rebirth

I was 5 years into marriage with a man I met at age 17 and married at age 26. We dreamed of having two kids, buying a house by the beach, and taking over the world with our creative careers. It was the morning of my 30th birthday when I woke up to a shocking thought running through my mind: “this is the year you’ll get divorced.” Sure enough, I cried myself to sleep that night after my husband and I had a blowout fight. And so my sacred unraveling began. It wasn’t long before I pivoted career paths, moved out of San Francisco, and watched my decade-long partner pack his bags and leave. A year later, we were divorced. I found myself without a home, husband, stable income, or dream of the future. The free fall of terror, confusion, disorientation, loneliness, and helplessness took me straight to rock bottom.

Re-writing my story of trauma into triumph

The pain of losing everything was unbearable. And yet, I knew I couldn't return to the life - or woman - I once knew. For the first time ever, I decided to choose myself. I declared “The Year of Me” and channeled all my pain, heartbreak, and fear into the fire of self-creation. My soul drew me to invest in my personal and professional development, and I came up with almost $30,000 to complete the Co-Active Coaching Certification Program and 10-month intensive Leadership Program. “The Year of Me” took me to Bali, Alaska, Lake Tahoe, Marin, Russian River, Kauai, Joshua Tree, Guadalajara, and Baja Mexico. Old friendships died along with my marriage, and a new soul tribe came alongside me. Every day was a choice to reclaim my spirit and forge my new identity in the fire.

claiming my new identity & life

The woman who arose from the ashes was someone I didn’t recognize: fierce, bold, confident, passionate, vibrant, and alive. I walked one step at a time into my new community, career, home, and happiness. The greatest opportunities of my career arrived at my doorstep. My dream home fell in my lap. New love arrived unexpectedly. I emerged from the chaos freer than ever, and now I’m passionate about helping women turn your rock bottom into the creative reclamation of your true self.

This 3-Month Leadership Program is for:

  • Women healing from a traumatic breakup, divorce, or other devastating loss

  • Any woman who feels divorced from your true spirit & life purpose

From Rock Bottom to Rockstar Rising: My 3 Secrets



  • Claim your vision, desire, and deserving of it all

  • Call forth your leader within: self-acceptance & self-authority

  • Forge your new vision + values from the fire

  • Turn your dark night of the soul into Soul Purpose


SECRET 2: BECOME the Leader of your Life

  • Activate your intuition & internal guidance system

  • Define your Leadership Quest & write your Leadership Journey Map

  • Build your team to support growth in all parts of life


SECRET 3: Create Your World

  • Write your new story from trauma to triumph

  • Build the foundation for your true identity & authentic life

  • Claim your vision for the world & create it

If all this program did was:

  • Clear out the grief, sadness, anger & pain to make room for your authentic spirit to shine

  • Reconnect you with your true spirit, authentic essence, & divine femininity

  • Ignite the unsurmountable leadership power that has been dormant inside you

  • Activate your natural creativity and intuition to heal your broken heart

  • Call for the empowered leader inside you to create your new life

  • Reclaim your true voice as the author of your story & the world you want to create

…. would it be worth it?

You’ll get intimate attention & accountability, including:

  • 9 weekly phone or Skype sessions (60 minutes each, 3x per month for 3 months)

  • Week-by-week action plan to build the foundation for your new life

  • Comprehensive session notes, worksheets + journal prompts

  • Leadership Journey Map with big picture goals + actionable milestones

  • Email and text message support between sessions


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Become the leader of your new life today.

“Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.” – Ming-Dao Deng

Don’t delay: the new you is waiting. And her story is a magnificent one.

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