Lifestyle Design

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver


You’re an ambitious, creative, conscious being seeking to align your inner desires with your outer reality. Together, we’ll use practical leadership skills to empower an intentional life built on loving relationships, work-life balance, wellness, vibrancy and fulfillment.

This program is for people who feel:

  • Disconnected from your true self
  • Crushed under the expectations of others
  • Frustrated that your deepest needs are unmet

Our work starts with getting crystal clear on your vision of a fulfilling life, starting with your unique definition of happiness. Then we establish heartfelt priorities based on your values, life purpose and hidden dreams. Finally, we design and implement the lifestyle architecture that honors your truest self every day. 

Lifestyle design is customized to your needs. Themes covered may include:

  • Family and friend relationships
  • Love and romance
  • Community and tribe
  • Wellness and mindfulness
  • Purpose and life path
  • Self care and self love


It all starts with the leader within

When you’re in touch with your inner compass, navigating daily challenges becomes easy. We will explore tools for you to become the leader of your thoughts, feelings, body, and environment. When you commit to daily practices and healthy boundaries to put yourself first, you will:

  • Feel like your best self every day
  • Fill up on nourishing relationships 
  • Come home to a sanctuary that restores you
  • Speak your truth in every situation


Self Knowledge is Power

With newfound inner resources and self awareness, you will have all the tools to honor the very unique being that is you. The reward isn’t just what one sees on the outside: it’s feeling amazing in your own skin every day. Because when you feel good, everything is easy. 

 You will get: 

  • 3-6 months of weekly phone or Skype sessions (60 minutes each, 3x per month)
  • Weekly session notes, action items, worksheets + writing inquiries
  • Email and text message support between sessions


Become the leader of your own reality

When you take the seat of head designer, an unimaginable masterpiece awaits. I can't wait to witness the unfolding. 


    Kirsten was essential to helping me figure out what I wanted for myself during a crucial transition. Within my work with Kirsten, I was able to access my inner self and really ask what I needed to be fulfilled and happy! The best compliment I’ve received is how much  'lighter’ and ‘happier' I look. I took with me tools to check in with myself and make self care and health a priority, while finding balance between work and life.

    -Amanda Shea, Chef & Soul Seeker