Residency Program


A Sacred Space for Women to Create

“A mother won't give birth until she finds a safe space.” - Leesa

metaphors: cocoon, birthing center, funnel, greenhouse

The Birthing Center for Ideas, Messages & Movements

  • Women healing from a traumatic breakup, divorce, or other devastating loss

  • Any woman healing from a life event that divorced you from your spirit

3 Secrets to Bring Forth Your Life’s Work


SECRET 1: environment



SECRET 2: coaching



SECRET 3: co-creation


If all this residency did was:

  • Get you past your fear blocks and into full-blown creative expression

  • Funnel your myriad of ideas into one succinct, clear message

  • Leave you with a message, direction, and call-to-action

  • Give you a defined blueprint for the movement you’re creating

  • Turn the caterpillar of your creative concept into the butterfly of your life’s work

…. would it be worth it?

September Special: Save $595

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Become the leader of your new life today.

“Whether we remain the ash or become the Phoenix is up to us.” – Ming-Dao Deng

Don’t delay: the new you is waiting. And her story is a magnificent one.

Save $595 on my flagship program through July 31. Space is limited. Apply for a free discovery call below!