Hustle Club:

Five Women. Three Months. One Purpose.

Hustle Club is a weekly 12-session virtual program to turn big ideas into big impact. I designed this curriculum for:

  • Creative & entrepreneurial women called to meaningful artistic and business dreams (on your own terms, of course)

  • Thought leaders, innovators, visionaries, and change makers with a mission and a message

  • Divinely feminine: your force of change comes from the heart. It's compassionate, inclusive and caring.


Turn Your Vision Into Action - Today

Are you struggling with:

  • Feeling isolated, lonely, and disconnected

  • Getting in your own way with circular thinking, self doubt & procrastination

  • Confusion about next steps to build your business or creative dream

  • Losing sight of your vision or losing hope that it will ever become real

You’re not alone! All women in business experience the same struggles. And we don’t have to do it in isolation anymore. Hustle Club is an alliance of trailblazers harnessing the power of the collective to go further, together.

3 Pillars to Raise Our Collective Voice

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Progressive tools for reclaiming your voice, vision, power, presence, influence and impact.


Branding & Marketing

Practical tools for unearthing your brand message and connecting it with your target audience.



Intimate connection with like-minded, like-hearted women to develop deep, meaningful relationships.


Your Commitment

  • 12-Week Curriculum for Leadership, Branding & Marketing Skills

  • Showing Up for All Weekly Group Sessions (75-90 Minute Video Conference)

  • Taking Weekly Action Toward Your 3-Month Goals

  • Up to 5 Participants Per Group (Led by Yours Truly)

Your Gain

  • Structure, Guidance, Accountability & Encouragement

  • Inspiration, Skills, Tools & Resources to Make It Happen

  • Sounding Board to Clarify Your Vision, Ideas, & Pitches

  • Feeling Seen, Known & Valued for Who You Are

  • Bringing a Challenging, Heartfelt Goal to Fruition

Our Collective Gain

We are a sisterhood of purpose-driven women coming together for the sake of making a positive change in the world. And together, we will. Join your sister tribe to tap into an expanded knowledge base, accountability, and encouragement. You will get all the support you need to bring your voice into the world, build a meaningful career, and make a difference that counts.

If not us, who? If not now, when?