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Coaching for Creatives

I'm proud to announce True North: a specialized 8 week program for people who want to SAY, CREATE or INVENT something big and share it with the world. This program is designed to bring your idea to fruition with a fiery kickstart, step-by-step guidance and one-on-one support. It could be a book, business, gallery show or other entrepreneurial or artistic venture tapping on your heart.

Does this sound like you?

  • Entrepreneur, artist, inventor, thinker or maker
  • You’re ready to invest yourself in a creative or entrepreneurial venture
  • Something’s been stopping you: perfectionism, doubt, fear, lethargy, procrastination, excuses, uncertainty, confusion, analysis paralysis, overwhelm, exhaustion, YOU NAME IT
  • You’re terrified to actually do it. But you must.

I will work one-on-one with you to answer those nagging questions:

  • What is my big-picture vision, driving intention and core message?
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I stay on track with weekly and monthly goals?
  • What new tools can help me get past procrastination, confusion and burnout? (hint: it starts at the foundation)
  • I’m moving toward my dream and making big strides. What’s next?

First, we dig deep to uncover the driving intention, goals and core message behind your creative vision. Then we work together to create a simple foolproof plan for developing your body of work, finding your voice, and launching it into your community.

What you get:

TRUE NORTH provides an 8 week curriculum to reach a major milestone in your creative or business dream, including:

  • STRATEGY SESSIONS: 6 weekly strategy sessions for customized planning, tools and solutions
  • 2016 VISION: Your beautifully clear career, creative and personal goals distilled into one page
  • STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP: Simple action plan to achieve these goals in the next 12 months
  • ON-DEMAND SUPPORT: Unlimited personalized text message consultation between sessions
  • FINDING YOUR CREATIVE VOICE with a sense of pride, relief, fulfillment, confidence, energy, excitement, purpose, creative expression, alignment, centeredness, and self worth
Jen Spillane portrait         

When I began working with Kirsten, I had been challenged with a lack of confidence and motivation to complete work on a project I’d started years before. Kirsten helped me reconnect with my passion and drive, while easily breaking the project down into completable portions. From the first communication, her questions and support have helped me get the work done; she truly has a gift for coaching creatives.

- Jen Spillane, Daytime Designer & Cabaret Extraordinaire


This is the year to take a stand for your calling and move in the direction of true north. Let’s do it together. Click below for your free consultation and to hear about pricing options, upcoming scholarships and more.

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