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 What My Clients Say






I came to Kirsten confused about what I wanted to do with my life and unable to make sense of my own thoughts and interests— I was in a transition and completely stuck.

The best decision I made was to work with Kirsten. Kind, encouraging, and always professional, she asked insightful questions and helped make sense of my answers to identify my values and interests. After every session, she provided powerful exercises and writing prompts that proved invaluable to the process.

At the end of our time together, I felt like I was ready to take on the world! The nature of my amazing turnaround is thanks largely to Kirsten’s outstanding talent as a coach. Without her help, I would not have the incredible confidence, positivity, and clarity that I do now. I’ll be forever grateful for our time together and recommend Kirsten Shaw wholeheartedly! 

-Dave Noeller, Aviation Expert Turned Career Adventurer





   I'd been struggling for months to articulate what I wanted to accomplish with both my business and creative endeavors, and Kirsten's expertise was exactly what I needed. I left our first session energized, supported, and moving in the right direction with more clarity than I'd had in months. With Kirsten's help and support, I got clear on my goals and immediately made progress.

There are plenty of coaching programs, but Kirsten's generosity, intuition, and authenticity coupled with her marketing acumen is hard to beat. She's a resourceful marketing strategist, whose empathic spirit comes through in everything she does. I would highly recommend her services, and looking forward to working with her in the future.

-Kristie Colón, Memoir Writer & Marketing Director







Having passion, ideas and encouragement is a great start but it doesn't mean you have a clear vision of where you're going. Before I start working with Kirsten, my photography business was scattered and stressful. I needed a fresh, expert perspective on how to narrow down what I do to make it more enjoyable. Kirsten surprised me beyond what I could imagine. In just a few sessions, my mindset has totally shifted. I am focused and have a concrete vision of my priorities. I am way more efficient.

Kirsten has a unique sensibility and I was amazed how much value she brought to the table. She takes the time, asks the right questions, points at things you don't see and has a big picture approach. We talked about personal aspirations, creative dreams and careers goals and she made me realized how interdependent they are. Afterwards, she provided me with tools that I still use and checked in regularly to see how I was doing. 

I will definitely pursue this collaboration in the future. It's been an eye opener (which is good for a photographer :)

-Claire Saccoccini, Biz Dev Queen & Surf Photographer



Jen Spillane portrait



When I began working with Kirsten, I had been challenged with a lack of confidence and motivation to complete work on a project I’d started years before. Kirsten helped me reconnect with my passion and drive, while easily breaking the project down into completable portions. From the first communication, her questions and support have helped me get the work done; she truly has a gift for coaching creatives.

- Jen Spillane, Daytime Designer & Cabaret Extraordinaire





I was struggling putting my ideas into action before I started working with Kirsten. I had been dreaming of getting my community herbalism business up and running, but was majorly lacking in motivation and confidence. I struggled with naming my vision because I was daunted by the scale of my aspirations and afraid of failure.

Kirsten lovingly supported me in voicing my dreams and coming up with a realistic timeline that worked with my busy life. Having Kirsten checking in on my progress was the external motivation I craved. She helped keep me accountable to myself. With her help, I came up with a plan of action to display my products, grow my medicine making classes, and move toward the career I feel passionate about.

-Beth Sachnoff, Community Herbalist & Mompreneur






Working with Kirsten allowed me to turn a blurry idea into a clear, concise personal growth plan. But more importantly, she implemented checkpoints that allowed me to actualize my plan. It's her ability to guide me into a deeper part of my brain that allows me to clearly see things I hadn't seen before. In our visioning session, Kirsten helped me connect with my intention for moving from San Francisco to San Diego. A month later, I'm already seeing the vision play out in my career, relationship and home.

-Marc Beauregard, Bedfellows Roasting Company





I really enjoyed going through this process with Kirsten and continue to feel positive about what my future holds. I've been totally using the tools she provided to improve my time management and make every day a productive one - personally, professionally, and creatively. Kirsten gives a strong sense of caring and understanding in the way she listens to my hopes and ambitions. It was a great experience. I now have a clear vision of where I see myself going in the years to come in my documentary film and photo career, and a action plan to make it happen.

-Rebecca Gourevitch, Tenants Rights Activist & Documentarian






I worked with Kirsten to get clarity on my vision for the year, and things went very different than I imagined after we met. I loved how she showed me how to break down my goals into steps and make deadlines, but I think the most important lesson was actually the importance of meditation and listening to and honoring what my body is saying. Now I'm on a path to seek healing for my body and I've already begun to practice some beathwork that is instantly relaxing, and that's something I thought I wouldn't even get to this year! Some the goals I chose for myself are on hold, but I think the more important lessons I had to complete have surfaced.

-Laura Kosbie, Jiu-Jitsu Fighter & Future Psychology Researcher 







I met with Kirsten for a brief coaching session with the goal of getting out of a decision-making rut. Kirsten was non-judgemental, warm, and creative in her approach to helping me make a big decision! Even though we only worked together once, she thoughtfully followed up and cheered me on. I continued to think about the things that came up in our session and a month later I made the decision to move to NYC with confidence and excitement.

-Phylisa, Freelance Writer, Program Manager & City Lover







As a full time landscape architect with many passion projects, I came to Kirsten for clarity on how to grow my fine art print making business on the side. One session with Kirsten gave me more insights into my new business than ever before, and these resulted in huge leaps forward. 

This vibrant lady knows her stuff. Kirsten is highly skilled in marketing, strategy and communication. She is also genuine and authentic, a generous person with the intuitive ability to harness my ideas and dreams and bring them to life. Most importantly, she immediately understood my vision and provided clarity around my endless ideas, offering me the motivation and support to do what I love, successfully and with purpose. 

I now have a clear path forward to develop a creative business that supports me on multiple levels. 

 - Kylie Gow, Landscape Architect, Writer & Artist






Working with Kirsten was an absolute game changer for me! Her probing, relevant questions allowed me to go deeper into my brain hole. This helped me to figure out what my mental blockage was that was holding me back from taking the next steps to grow my business. Since working with Kirsten, my confidence has been boosted and my mind is clearer. And I’m more motivated than ever to push through obstacles in order to attain my goals and dreams. There has not been a day that has gone by since my last session that I haven’t used the brain tools that she helped me to unlock and utilize. I truly felt that she genuinely cared about me and my personal growth as person and a business owner.  I still have a long journey ahead, but the road is a lot clearer and sunnier since using her service!

-Toni Anderson, The Potted Poppy






I sold a business, did a stint a corporate setting, then was in the middle of launching a new business when I realized I wasn't clear on what I truly wanted. I didn't want to make the same mistakes the second time around. Working with Kirsten helped me see through my knee jerk responses and hone in on what's important to me and how I want to work and show up in life. her style is warm and thoughtful but also insightful and honestly, just fun. I'm ready now to grow my new business with intention and enthusiasm.

-Alison Mountford, Ends & Stems








Kirsten was essential to helping me figure out what i wanted for myself during a crucial time in my career transition. I was in a job where I was miserable, over worked, and under valued. Within my work with Kirsten I was able to access my inner self and really ask what I needed to be fulfilled and happy! The best compliment I’ve received since completing our work together is about how much  'lighter’ and ‘happy' I look compared to how I looked (and felt) before we started working together. I took with me tools to check in with myself and really make self care and health a priority, while finding balance between work and life. I left my job, did some traveling, signed my first consulting client and landed a great new job. I know without her help I would probably still be in an unfulfilling career, unhappy and undervaluing myself. I think anyone going through a transitional time could benefit from time with her as a life coach!

-Amanda Shea, Chef & Soul Seeker








Kirsten is one of those people who feels like an old friend when you meet her for the first time. She's got this really loving and excited energy about her and is so passionate about what she does that you can't help jump in line for an opportunity to work with her. This was my first professional coaching session, and while I came to it with a rough idea of what I wanted clarity on, Kirsten really opened up some clogged channels for me and together we explored some of the mindsets I was stuck in and how to work through them. I find myself still using some of the tools Kirsten provided me with when I'm in a rut, and generally feel more optimistic about my future because of her support! Coaching is one of those things you don't necessarily think you "need" until you try it and realize it has it's own place on the shelf of self-care just like yoga or running. Spend some time with Kirsten -- you will be glad you did.

-Celestial Hanley, Designer & Sojourner







Kirsten Shaw may very well be the most gifted listener I have ever met. As I started preparing to write my second book alongside a demanding full-time job, I was looking for more play, and less discipline; more spontaneity, and less watching the clock. Thanks to Kirsten, I'm now honoring these other (more fun!) dimensions of myself, and I have more clear boundaries for focusing on what's really most important to me. Working with her is like taking a painter's palette, dumping the whole thing against a wall, and having it presented back to you as a beautifully delineated, neatly framed picture. Time after time, the clarity she brings to a situation left me feeling instantly lighter.

-Sophie Egan, Author & Program Director at CIA






I began working with Kirsten while transitioning from a career in hair styling to photojournalism. Although we focused on my creative life, Kirsten's approach was personal and I really feel like she cared about my commitment to my goals. She helped me organize my thoughts, find steps to my bigger vision, and stay on track. Since working with Kirsten, my life has started taking a path I had been reaching for but somehow could not get to before. My photographs have been shown at two local venues and I'm about to embark on a major trip to build a body of work. I recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs a push and is ready to take action in their lives. 

-Amber Hockeborne, Photographer & World Traveler

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