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 What My Clients Say

I used to wonder what separated a good copywriter from a great copywriter. Then I met Kirsten and realised that it is empathy that makes a copywriter truly awesome. Kirsten joined me on a major project spanning several months with the relaunch and complete rewrite of a major non-profit website. Kirsten managed to inhabit the world of the client and rewrite and edit their content in a genuine, compelling and empathetic way. Kirsten is creative, reliable, professional, exceptional value and quite simply a joy to work with. There’s not even a shortlist of copywriters for my next project. There’s Kirsten.

-James Burden, Perfectly Digital

Working with Kirsten on various writing projects has been a great experience. I was looking to bring someone on for help producing content and development of our brand's voice. She was able to quickly ramp up and produce high quality content that resonated with our target audience. Right away Kirsten was able to understand our product and position, and capture the tone and voice we were looking for. In addition to producing quality content Kirsten has been a creative and strategic partner, helping our company to come up with new storylines and topics to align with our goals. With Kirsten's help we've seen a noticeable increase in engagement, click-throughs, downloads, and leads.

-Ron Toledo, SendHub

Before Kirsten, Acclaro struggled to keep up with writing and publishing press releases on a regular basis. She quickly learned about our services, came up with dozens of story ideas and then integrated them into an editorial calendar. And boy can she write! She's a pro at making the mundane interesting and the technical approachable.

We are now maintaining a steady flow of intelligent releases, which also help us with SEO and lead generation. I recommend Kirsten without reservation for her professionalism, writing acumen and her overall enthusiasm for her work.

-Stephanie Engelsen, Acclaro Inc.

Kirsten successfully got us published for the first time on a very timely industry thought piece and topic. We were extremely impressed with her ability to quickly understand the key issues, capture and communicate our message to trade publications and the general media. Throughout the process, she asked thoughtful questions and laid out a clear plan ensuring internal buy-in and incorporation of feedback at critical points. We will definitely work with her again and strongly recommend her.

-Young Ko, Peerless Insights

I started working with Kirsten to support the launch of my chiropractic practice in San Francisco. She helped me dig to find my true brand message and business goals, and developed website copy to communicate that to my target audience. We also worked together to create a step-by-step plan for marketing and networking outreach including a "meet the doctor" open house. Without a doubt, Kirsten definitely played a huge role in the successful start to my practice. Now I feel empowered to share marketing materials that carry my brand voice, and I have a clear direction for continuing to promote and grow my business! On a personal note, Kirsten was a joy to work with and I wouldn't hesitate working with her again or referring her to someone I know. To describe working with Kirsten in two words: Productive and Calming!!

-Katie Mitchell, Chiropractor

This is exactly what we needed. You captured the idea perfectly and said it with much better words than I would be able to produce in a million years!

-Juan Carlos Cammaert, Poolga Prints

Kirsten was a reliable, high performing member of my team... She's good with originating and aggregating content of all kinds, and she engaged many of our on-screen characters and community partners to help drive storytelling.

Kirsten is extremely personable, and I enjoyed getting to know her over the 12 months she worked with us.

-Marc Smolowitz, Twin Triumph Productions

My photography is consistent and tight, but what I was saying about my photography was scattered and vague. Kirsten diligently pulled out the main points of a more coherent message, and showed me better ways to use them. I'm eager to put the new framework in place and begin to see results.

I recommend Kirsten for those seeking help tuning their brand - she is reliable, communicates clearly and consistently, and is diplomatic. I benefitted from her disciplined approach, especially because I don't like dealing with my marketing very much.

Thanks Kirsten!

-Rob Prideaux, Commercial Photographer

Kirsten has been a fantastic copywriter for Wpromote. She never misses a deadline and writes extremely well for a fair price. I would highly recommend Kirsten for almost any industry based on her flexibility and impressive research skills.

-Andrew McLellan, Wpromote

I hired Kirsten for a recent marketing campaign for my wedding business! She really is amazing and here's a few reasons why:

  • She asked me tough questions to dig deep into what I have a really hard time explaining.
  • She was super professional, quick on her feet, took my edits in stride, and delivered an amazing product quickly and efficiently.
  • She was able to find my voice and really write as if I was the one writing it.

I definitely will be hiring her again, and recommending her to friends and colleagues.

-Christina McNeill, Wedding Photographer

Before working with Kirsten, it was challenging to develop a website and social media eco-system that reflected the quality of my worked and the personality of my brand. Through personalized consultations Kirsten honed in on the vision of my brand and created website copy that feels true to my voice.

We worked together to develop a marketing strategy including networking with key contacts in the industry, and within a few months I’ve reached all my goals for the whole year. I hit my goal of a broadcast commercial cinematographer and continue to be hired as a DP on major brand campaigns such as, Mobil 1 Oil and Energizer.

I recommend working with Kirsten because she discovers and creates an authentic voice for your brand or business and does so with a personal experience.

-Nico van den Berg, Director of Photography

Kirsten helped me write a professional bio for my website as well as other key marketing materials for getting my design services out to the right audience. Our work together has helped me tell the story of who I am and what I offer in a way that is authentic and compelling.

Kirsten's copywriting said exactly what I wanted to say, but in the words I didn't have on my own. Highly recommended.

-Noah Charnow, Graphic Designer

Kirsten is a copywriter extra-ordinaire! She listens, hears, interprets, and finds the perfect words to communicate what you are feeling. Even better, she says it twice as powerfully with half the words!

Beyond her word wizardry, she is also an online oracle - building communities, engaging followers, and helping you connect and communicate with your audience.

The biggest challenge I face as a business owner is organizing my thoughts and ideas ... Kirsten not only find the right words, she takes my madness and gives it meaning.

I spill out all my thoughts, beliefs, and ideas and she gives me back consise, structrued, organized content and strategy. Everytime I work with her I walk away re-energized and excited.

Everyone would benefit from working with her!!

-Erin Brennan, Consultant

From the very first day, she was an incredible addition to the project and jumped in head first, immersing herself in the fast paced schedule of documentary production... She was a joy to work with - smart, upbeat and very competent. She's an excellent writer and editor and would be an amazing asset to any project.

-Jennifer Schmidt, Twin Triumph Productions

Kirsten is creative and is never at a loss for ideas and inspiration. I enjoyed working with Kirsten and I hope to work with her again.

-Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee, M.I.S.S.

In addition to her follow through and consistent enthusiasm for every project, Kirsten is an incredibly talented writer that is able to clearly communicate her message and cater to her audience.

-Leigh Cooper, White Walls Gallery

Kirsten helped me gain perspective on approaching my marketing copy. Together we created messaging that I am proud to share. She was organized and kept me on track as well, which was much appreciated. She was a pleasure to collaborate with!

-Angela DeCenzo, Commercial Photographer


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