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Find Your Voice: A Yoga & Writing Experience


Find your voice and speak your truth with Sarah Pascual and Kirsten Shaw at Yoga Beach (4501 Irving Street @ 46th Ave). In this 3 hour yoga and writing experience, you will learn how to:

  • Unlock your throat chakra through physical movement
  • Express your authentic self through writing practices
  • Find and share your voice through practical daily tools

We will use an intentional process of yogic breath and movement, combined with pointed writing inquiries, to practice opening the throat chakra and connecting with uninhibited self-expression. You will leave with a daily yoga and writing practice to keep developing your voice at home. This workshop is for any woman that desires to open up her voice to the world: artists, teachers, yogis, career women, mothers, sisters, friends. There's a big voice inside you and the world needs to hear it more than ever, especially in the authentic heartfelt way you seek.

This special one-time offering is $80 ($65 earlybird special before 2/1).




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