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2018 New Year Special

What would it mean to make 2018 THE YEAR OF ME?

Imagine one year entirely dedicated to the nourishment, growth and happiness of YOU. You wake up every morning excited for all the beautiful experiences and opportunities to be received. You move through your day energized by meaningful work and inspired by people who value your gifts. Because all your needs are met, love and creativity flow out of you freely. Every night, you fall asleep satisfied that you honored your true self and moved toward your greater purpose. This is what it means to live THE YEAR OF ME. 

Your 2018 Vision Guide & Action Plan to start the year right

You have a calling, a message, a creative gift and a big heart. At the same time, you’re frustrated from getting stuck in the same old patterns:

  • Feeling overworked and overwhelmed
  • Not staying focused long enough to finish anything
  • Never enough time, money, confidence or support
  • Fear, procrastination and analysis paralysis

What would really bring you alive in 2018:

  • Purposeful work with big impact
  • Clear direction + consistent focus
  • Balance of work, life, family, creativity, rest and adventure
  • To feel aligned, joyful and alive everyday

   I'd been struggling for months to articulate what I wanted to accomplish with both my business and creative endeavors, and Kirsten's expertise was exactly what I needed. I left our first session energized, supported, and moving in the right direction with more clarity than I'd had in months.

-Kristie Colón, Memoir Writer & Marketing Director

This special New Year package includes:

  • STRATEGY SESSION: 60 min Skype consultation to define what you want & how to get there
  • 2018 VISION GUIDE: Your beautifully clear career, creative & personal goals distilled into 1 page
  • 2018 ROADMAP: Simple step-by-step action plan to achieve goals in the next 12 months
  • CLOSING SESSION: 60 min Skype workshop to fine-tune your tools and launch into action

First, we will spend 60 minutes intimately focused on clarifying, expanding and manifesting your dream. Then I’ll help you create a top level strategy to overcome blocks and move toward your vision come hell or high water. By the time you leave our closing session, you will have clear direction, focus and structure for making 2018 THE YEAR OF ME. 


Working with Kirsten was an absolute game changer for me! There has not been a day that has gone by since my last session that I haven’t used the brain tools that she helped me unlock. I truly felt that she genuinely cared about me and my growth as person and a business owner.  I still have a long journey ahead, but the road is a lot clearer and sunnier since using her service!

-Toni Anderson, The Potted Poppy

Investment: $395 before January 19th

Envision yourself a year from now looking back on 2018. What mattered most? How did you use this one precious year to honor your true self and leave your mark on the world? My dream is for you to feel satisfied that you finally chose YOU, once and for all.

2018 really can be THE YEAR OF ME. Let’s do it together. This is a $625 package and I’m offering it for just $395 through January 19th - space is limited.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure your spot today.




As I started preparing to write my second book alongside a demanding full-time job, I was looking for more play, and less discipline; more spontaneity, and less watching the clock. Thanks to Kirsten, I'm now honoring these other (more fun!) dimensions of myself, and I have more clear boundaries for focusing on what's really most important to me.

-Sophie Egan, Author & Program Director at CIA




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