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2017 True North New Year Special

Your Vision Guide & Action Plan to Start the Year Right

Which dreams have you been putting on hold?

Every January it’s the same thing: big time goals, exciting plans and gung-ho resolutions. Sometime around mid-February, these dreams blow up in a flurry of anxiety and disillusion. Or they slowly fade into the background, lying dormant until the cycle begins all over on December 31st. Either way, your message remains untold and your art remains unmade. Your business remains nothing more than a collection of sticky notes. Until now.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to take your career, creativity and community to the next level in 2017
  • You’ve secretly been wanting to SAY or MAKE something big
  • Meanwhile 1,000 other things compete for your time and attention
  • You have trouble starting, staying focused or following through
  • You tell yourself you WILL honor your creative or entrepreneurial dreams - one day
   Jen Spillane portrait   

When I began working with Kirsten, I had been challenged with a lack of confidence and motivation to complete work on a project I’d started years before. Kirsten helped me reconnect with my passion and drive, while easily breaking the project down into completable portions. From the first communication, her questions and support have helped me get the work done; she truly has a gift for coaching creatives.

- Jen Spillane, Daytime Designer & Cabaret Extraordinaire

Make the one resolution that counts this year.

If there’s an unlived life gnawing at your toes and tapping at your chest, it’s time to let that bugger speak. The TRUE NORTH 2017 New Years Special gives you:

  • STRATEGY SESSION: 60 minute consultation to define what you want & how to get there
  • 2017 VISION: Your beautifully clear career, creative & personal goals distilled into 1 page
  • 2017 ROADMAP: Simple step-by-step action plan to achieve goals in the next 12 months
  • CLOSING SESSION: 60 minute workshop to fine-tune your tools and launch into action

Start the year with an investment in you. 

This package gets you 5 focused hours of my magical clarifying process and practical tools for taking action. First, we will spend 60 minutes intimately focused on clarifying, expanding and manifesting your dream. Then I’ll help you create a step-by-step strategy to overcome blocks and move toward your vision come hell or high water. By the time you leave our closing session, you will have clear direction, focus and structure for making the most of 2017. 

Be ready to commit yourself to this 2-week process including 3-5 hours outside of sessions to dive deep into the worksheets, writing and daily practices. 


As a full time landscape architect with many passion projects, I came to Kirsten for clarity on how to grow my fine art print making business on the side. One session with Kirsten gave me more insights into my new business than ever before, and these resulted in huge leaps forward. 

This vibrant lady knows her stuff. Kirsten is highly skilled in marketing, strategy and communication. She is also genuine and authentic, a generous person with the intuitive ability to harness my ideas and dreams and bring them to life. Most importantly, she immediately understood my vision and provided clarity around my endless ideas, offering me the motivation and support to do what I love, successfully and with purpose. 

I now have a clear path forward to develop a creative business that supports me on multiple levels. 

- Kylie Gow, Landscape Architect, Writer & Artist

Get the early bird special: $325 before December 15

Imagine yourself a year from now looking back on 2017. What will have mattered most? My dream is for you to feel pride and accomplishment that you finally took a stand for your calling and moved in the direction of true north. 

Let’s do it together. This is a $495 package and I’m offering it for just $325 through December 15th. Email me today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure your spot.  




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