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Brand Voice: A Case for Message Monogamy


Brand Voice: A Case for Message Monogamy

Brands that Commit to One Message Live Healthier, Fuller Lives

Message monogamy is truly one of the most difficult issues - and most critical - for small to midsized business owners. If you’re the Don Draper of messages (or John Wayne, depending on your generation) it’s time to ditch the girlfriend and mistress and commit to the love of your life: your core brand message.

There are three compelling reasons to commit to one unified brand message: simplicity, consistency, and repeatability. They work together like this:


Now let’s break down the benefits of each.


One of the greatest misconceptions of marketing is that complexity is a sign of market smarts, strategic thinking, and importance. WRONG. Complexity leads to confusion. Complexity leads to uncertainty. Complexity leads to loss of interest and moving on to the next viable competitor.

We’re going for easy.

Your target audience is busy. They deal with enough problem solving and critical thinking all day long - the last thing they want is to pour over your message to uncover hidden meanings. CLARITY. Give them the information they need, and make it effortless for them. We’re talking communication here, and everyone prefers communication that is clear and direct over layered and ambiguous.

Make it easy for your client to engage with you, follow you, buy from you, refer you. Simplicity is easy. Done.


Consistency is your engine for building trust with your audience.

Trust, credibility, and authority are all born out of consistency. Distrust, uncertainty, and avoidance are born out of inconsistent promises.

Let’s think about our friend Don Draper again. He is one wildly inconsistent fellow. First he wants to be married with children. Then he wants to be married with children with mistresses. Then he wants to be single, then married with no kids, then married with no kids and with mistresses. For a guy who works in advertising, he sure does have trouble sticking to one message.

Think about the people and businesses you trust. They are reliable. Relatively unchanging. Steadfast, predictable, consistent. Your message should be too.


When things are simple and consistent, they are easy to repeat and recommend to others.

Think coffee shops. Your favorite morning spot delivers the same cup of joe, gourmet or not, every single day. You know exactly how long it will take you to get in, order your coffee and pastry, and get out. You probably even look forward to a familiar face or two behind the counter.

Repeatability is the key to repeat business, client referrals, and visibility.

If your audience understands what you have to offer and likes it, they will return. If your clients can easily understand your brand message, it’s easy for them to tell others. If press can clearly identify who you are and what you do, they can accurately represent you to their readers.

Simple, consistent messages are easier to repeat. It’s that easy.

The Proposal

Have you been flirting with multiple messages throughout your business development? Have you tried a different angle on every newsletter, blog post, brochure, and sales meeting? It’s time to settle down.

Quit fooling around. Dedicate your business to message monogamy.

Make your core message simple, consistent, and repeatable - and your audience will thank you with their dollars.



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